Dog dies after being left in hot car at suburban mall; Woman charged

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A Glen Ellyn woman is charged with animal cruelty after leaving her dog inside her hot car.

As a result, the dog died.

60-year-old Mary Raugstad Smith was arrested at Oakbrook Center Mall Thursday, where temperatures reached a high of 95 degrees.

Officers were called to the mall’s parking lot around 8 p.m. after security personnel noticed the dog in distress inside Smith’s car.

Police removed the dog from the vehicle, but veterinarians were unable to save him.

At the time of its death, the dog’s body temperature was over 109 degrees.

Smith has been charged with Cruel Treatment.

She was released on an bond.

Oak Brook Police Chief James Kruger said in a statement:

 Every year we alert people to the danger of leaving children or pets inside cars in the summer. The temperature inside a vehicle climbs approximately 43° in just an hour. This loss of a defenseless animal was avoidable and should not have occurred. There is no reason to take your pet out in extreme heat without adequate air conditioning and water.” Temperatures reached a high of 95° in Oak Brook yesterday.