Forget the book club: Moms form Uke-ladies to get for fun and a strum

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You've heard of a ukulele, but what about the “Uku-Ladies?”

This is the story of six women with jobs, kids and no desire for another monthly book club. What they wanted was a break. And they found it, somewhere between wine and a ukulele.

It began with the moms stealing away once a week to take to take ukulele lessons at their favorite coffee shop.

"It was supposed to be about getting together and drinking some wine and it turned into something else," says Regan Gausselin.

Well not exactly. At first, it was just a lot of laughing and wine with just an occasional strum.

"We laugh. We toast for the littlest things. We hit a few chords and say, ‘Alright! Way to go!’" says Cindy Rigali-Lund.

That's until one of their husbands challenged them to get on stage with a sampler of what they had learned. Suddenly, the self-proclaimed 'Ukuladies' had to actually start listening to their instructor Josh and figuring out how to read and play the music that had been sitting in front of them for months.

"We were practicing daily,” Regan says. “All together saying, ‘We can't mess this up in front of all our friends and family on stage at the Rockhouse.’ And then we pulled it off! We were cheering each other probably after each strum."

The 'Ukuladies' are now being asked to play on different stages all over town, not because they are so good--but so dang relatable. They play out of tune, forget the words and razz each other mercilessly.

They play through mom injuries, straddle wine glasses on the floor and toast through their entire playlist.

"We carved out an hour and a half and we love it! It's become this sacred time for us," Reagan says.