Woman scores hotel deal on website but hotel says they won’t honor it

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CHICAGO -- It was a sweet deal that turned into an online booking debacle for Rose Lawrence. A hotel room that was supposed to go for $1,100 a night went for a lot less, but now the hotel said they won't honor the cheaper price.

“I saw a deal and like anyone else, I’m taking it,” she said.

Lawrence was between homes, she needed a place to stay with her teenage son for eight days. She turned to Booking.com and couldn’t believe her eyes.

She saw a deal for $253 total, for eight nights in a two-bedroom suite confirmed by Booking.com and by the Trump Hotel.

“I had to do a double or triple take at the price and I said ‘Yes, I’ll take it. This is my lucky day,’” she said.

She soon learned that what she thought was good luck, was another headache.

“I decided to call the hotel and talked with a revenue manager who then proceeded to beg me, she literally said, ‘I'm begging you please cancel this because I'm going to lose my job if you don’t do this.’ She just really started to lay it on thick,” Lawrence said.

"It became a tennis match of negotiating after that. It went from a two-bedroom suite to, ‘We’ll give you a king deluxe room,’ but you have to pay for those other nights,” Lawrence said.

Way out of her price range. Booking.com told WGN by email that they’re trying to resolve the problem for both parties, while telling Lawrence the hotel wants to cancel the reservation and offer a $30 credit for a future visit.

Just a few days away from when she’s out of her home and needs a place to stay, Lawrence thinks she’s in the right.

“Now I’m really stressed out because I have to have a place to stay and I don’t know how this is going to roll out and I just feel like they should've honored what they did,” Lawrence said. “I think they should honor what they had stated on there. Yeah, it was a mistake or their glitch but she made it really clear that it was her mistake."

WGN reached out to Trump Hotel representatives but has not heard back.

Booking.com's own rules for hotels states that hotels should not be allowed to cancel confirmed reservations.  But one hospitality manager told WGN on Tuesday that when you book through a third-party site, you're always rolling the dice with plans.