Farm underwater after family cancels flood insurance to pay medical bills

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LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. -- One family in Illinois is struggling not only with high medical bills, but also with high water.

“It’s so overwhelming, that there’s times when you literally cry and you just have to laugh, because there’s nothing you can do except let the water go away,” Kole Komarov, son of the farm owner, said.

Floodwaters continue to rise in some suburban communities. For one Libertyville, Ill., family, it couldn't have come at a worse time. Their farm, Zekos Farm, the lifelong of aspiration of 59-year-old Robert Moro and his family, is underwater.

The family had to cancel their flood insurance to pay for their father's treatment for ALS.

Now, the home is in ruins, many of the animals have died, and they're struggling.

One of the farm owners joked, that it used to be Zekos farm, now it’s Zekos island. Six days after the rain, and the water has yet to drain.

“This is my dad’s dream home,” Kole Komarov, son of farm owner, said.

That dream is drowning.

“I think it’s the worst hit house off of Lake County,” Angela Komarov, daughter of farm owner, said.

Zekos Farm, the lifelong of aspiration of 59-year-old Robert Moro and his family, is underwater.

The Des Plaines River runs behind the farm, and in last week’s rainfall, the river spilled over its banks into the low-lying farm, which is holding the water like a bowl.

The farm was purchased about two years ago and within a couple of months Moro was diagnosed with ALS.

“He can barely use his arms and legs, he can barely talk. He’s a potato,” Angela Komarov said.

The family said it had to drastically cut costs including cancelling the farm’s flood insurance policy to pay for the mounting medical bills.

“I just couldn’t afford it, that’s the bottom line. I feel terrible that this happened, I kind of feel like it’s my fault,” Angelo Komarov said.

Robert’s oldest son Angelo takes care of him, and lives on the farm with his wife and kids.

“The hardest part is my dad and my grandfather, they put everything they had into this house and came so close to finishing it, now it’s kind of gone,” Donna Ivanov, Moro’s granddaughter, said.

Moro was taken out in a wheelchair on a boat.

In the rapidly rising water, two dozen chickens, and about a dozen bunnies all died.

“I had to watch my animals drown in my face in front of the kids’ faces,” Angela Komarov said.

Goats and a horse were rescued, and are being taken care of temporarily at an a nearby farm.

But there’s thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. The family said the foundation of the home is cracked, two barns may have to be torn down, cars, tractors, and other farm equipment are ruined.

The flood water swallowed their property and they’ve swallowed their pride.

“We never asked anyone for anything – and this is the first time, and it’s hard, kind of get yourself off that high horse and ask for help,” Kole Komarov said.

The Komarovs have set up a GoFundMe page seeking donation.

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