The history of Park Ridge: Harrison Ford, Pickwick Theater, and America’s 1st Mustang

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PARK RIDGE, Il. --  WGN's Larry Potash joined with Park Ridge historian, Judy Barclay, this morning at the WGN Morning News Block Party to give a tour of the town.

Incorporated as the Village of Park Ridge in 1873, the town is known as "a wonderful place to live and work," and is home to some famous individuals including, Hillary Clinton, Harrison Ford, Grant Wood, and Ron Santo.

But that's not all Park Ridge has to offer!

The village's iconic Pickwick Theater first opened as a vaudeville stage and houses a beautiful pipe organ designed by Alfonso Iannelli, an Italian-American sculptor and artist.

Making Park Ridge's history even richer, the town is also home to a beautiful, skylight blue Ford Mustang: the first Mustang ever sold in America. Check it out here.

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