GOP takes another crack at a health care bill in Senate

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The fate of another, Republican health care bill in the U.S. Senate is extremely uncertain.

Of the 52 GOP senators, two are already against it. They are Kentucky's Rand Paul and Maine's Susan Collins. If there's one more "no" vote, the legislation will go down. Vice President Mike Pence could cast a tie-breaking vote.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is focusing on winning over moderates. He spent three weeks reworking the measure. He wants a vote by the end of next week.

President Trump also posted several tweets in an effort to rally Republicans.

One big change in the bill would allow insurance companies to offer bare-bones policies without preventative or mental health care, as long as they also offer comprehensive plans.

It also directs $70 billion to help lower and middle income people buy plans on the private market, and $45 billion to treat opioid addiction. But, deep Medicaid cuts remain.

The non-partisan, Congressional Budget Office estimates 15 million Americans would lose coverage by 2026. It's expected to issue its score next week.

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