Mz. Georgia shares fitness expertise with South Side seniors

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Mz. Georgia Griffin is not your average senior citizen. At 63, she's a fitness expert, line dancer and she spends her days keeping other seniors in shape.

She is a former fitness instructor who taught herself line dancing after an experience that changed her life's purpose.

Mz. Georgia says she got inspired after attending a party for senior citizens back in the 90's.

"By the time we got to the restaurant, he put that music on, they threw them canes away, they jumped on that dance floor and boy they ran circles around me,' Mz Georgia said. "I was like, I got to learn this. I got to learn how to dance."

She taught herself how to line dance and started teaching seniors at the park district before finding an old garage that she would turn into her own dance studio.

"We've had over 1400 people come through our doors for line dancing," she said.

In fact, she and a group of dancers who call themselves, "Seniors on the Move," have become so popular they've taken their show on the road. They've performed at many events including a fundraiser for former President Obama.

Her classes are open to everyone. Young, old, advanced or struggling beginner are welcome to come dance.

Through dance, Mz. Georgia has brought new life and energy into her elderly students. Some have even seen better health from it.

Perhaps most importantly, Mz. Georgia helps students make friends. The social interaction between the seniors has helped them prolong their lives, making them excited to get up in the morning and dance.

Mz. Georgia says she too enjoys the friendship and looks forward to everyday she can dance.

"First thing I do in the morning after I thank God for waking me up is get out and go teach somebody something, go help somebody," she said. "I think that's why I'm here. Just to help somebody."

Mz. Georgia looks to expand her dance studio in the near future.