Family questions tactics after officer shoots, kills man police say was armed

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CHICAGO -- Chicago police shot and killed a man they say was armed with a gun overnight in the city's Lawndale neighborhood, but his family wants to see body cam video from the officer who fired.

Several neighbors said they heard two instances of gunfire Saturday night, first about seven to eight shots, and a short time later, neighbors say they saw a man standing on this front porch pointing an AK-47 across the street.

Moments later - when police arrived - more gunshots were heard.

Eric Russell, who works with the families of police-involved shootings, said 36-year-old Quintec Locke was the man shot and killed by police during the incident. He says there are "several narratives" about what happened in the shooting, and confirmed Locke fired several shots before police arrived.

“He was shooting at some people he allegedly was having an altercation with,” Russell said.

Two tactical officers from the 10th District were nearby and moved in after they heard the shots around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. The officers then went down a gangway and into the backyard of a building, and there they encountered Locke, who police say was armed. Then during a "confrontation," one officer fired his weapon, shooting Locke in the head and killing him, according to police.

Locke's family and friends prayed Sunday afternoon outside of his home in the 2200 block of South Kostner. They dispute the official account, saying officers did not announce themselves or order Locke to drop a weapon, and that he was really shot in the back.

“The Chicago police acted as judge, jury and executioner. He did not command 'Tec to drop his gun or announce himself,” Russell said. “He didn’t kill anybody although he had a gun. Maybe he would have surrendered.”

"No one deserves to be shot down the way my nephew was shot down by police," said aunt Dantingnac Locke.

Locke was later pronounced dead at the Mt.Sinai Hospital. Family members say Locke suffered two strokes, which made it difficult for him to work. Despite that, they say he always provided for his two daughters and fiancé. One officer was also taken to a hospital as precaution, but has been treated and released.

Police say they recovered an AK-47 and a handgun from the scene. Still, it’s unclear if Locke actually pointed either at them during the confrontation. Since this incident was captured on police body camera, his family hopes the videos might hold some answers.

"It's crazy we have to sit here and grieve, and we don't know nothing. They don't tell us nothing," said cousin Elizabeth Gaston.

Videos are expected to be released in the next 60 days on the Independent Police Review Authority's website, courtesy of the City’s revamped policies on transparency. IPRA is now investigating the shooting.

The two officers involved are placed on routine 30 day administrative leave.