Jason Van Dyke testifies about night of Laquan McDonald shooting

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CHICAGO — Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke testified in court on Wednesday, one day after prosecutors charged three current and retired officers with trying to cover-up the Laquan McDonald shooting.

Van Dyke is charged with first-degree murder in McDonald's death in October 2014.

In court, Van Dyke testified about statements he made to other officers and supervisors immediately after the shooting.

Van Dyke testified that he believed he had to make an official statement that night or risk losing his job.

The three others just charged by a special prosecutor are accused of trying to protect Van Dyke with a department cover-up.

According to the indictment, detective David March and patrol officers Joe Walsh and Thomas Gaffney conspired to back up Van Dyke's account of the deadly shooting, that McDonald swung a knife and appeared ready to attack.

But the court-ordered release of the video showed McDonald was walking away when he was shot.

The three newly charged face counts of conspiracy, misconduct and obstruction.