Downward facing … goat? Goat Yoga is a hit in Grayslake

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GRAYSLAKE, Ill. -- What started as a crazy idea for a fitness class, now has people lined up outside a farm in Grayslake.

Goat yoga. It’s not yoga for goats, but rather, yoga in a pasture or barn with the farm animals wandering right through your poses.

Goat Yoga in Kamins Farm
(Photo by Erin Ivory/WGN News)

Participants have been flocking to “Barre in the Barn” and “Goat Yoga” at Kamins Farm.

"It's really therapy for people,” says Kate McAlister. “Especially out in the pasture, because you're sitting there and they're eating the grass. They come by and visit you. The goats are just so loving."

They might nibble at your tank top or try to climb on your back. And that's exactly why some of these animal loving yogis keep coming back for more.

Instructors believe the goats help lower blood pressure and make less experienced yogis more comfortable.

Granted downward dog can get a little tricky with a goat horn inches from your calf, but at Kamins Farm, they consider it a sanctuary; not just for the rescued animals, but for everyone's body and spirit.

Goat Yoga in Kamins Farm
(Photo by Erin Ivory/WGN News)

Kamins Farm will be rescuing more goats and pigs to add to their growing class list.

More information at Kamins Farm Facebook page.