Couple gives their daughter unique Cubs-themed name

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WHEATON, Ill. -- Two loyal Cubs fans, Stephen and Brownyn Case, name their daughter Waveland after one of the streets bordering Wrigley Field, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Young Waveland Case proved to be the best Father's Day gift for dad Stephen, after being born early last Sunday morning.

It's not uncommon for the diehard fan to give their kids Cub names—Addison, Sheffield etc. However, the Tribune reports that since 1916 there have only been five births of Illinois residents named Waveland.

"The main reaction we’ve gotten is a double take,” said Stephen Case. "At least on Twitter it’s been 99 percent positive. One guy did ask if I was going to name my kids Old Style and Rooftop."

"We don’t have family here," Brownyn Case said. "We feel like this is our special place. We wanted something unique to Chicago (as a baby name)."