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Colorado group wants to ban sale of smartphones for kids younger than 13

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DENVER -- A group in Colorado is collecting signatures to stop the sale of smartphones for use by children younger than 13.

Parents Against Underage Smartphones need about 300,000 signatures to get Initiative 29 on the 2018 ballot, KDVR reports.

"Initiative 29 prohibits retailers from selling or permitting the sale of a smartphone to a person under the age of 13, of the to any person who indicates that the smartphone will be wholly or partially owned by a person under the age of 13," the proposal states.

If passed, retailers would be required to verbally inquire about the age of the user, document and file reports to to the Department of Revenue.

If  violated, retailers would be warned and then fined for subsequents offenses.

This movement was formed by a board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Timothy Farnum, who clams that once children get a smart phone, they change.

"They go from being outgoing, energetic, interested in the world and happy, to reclusive," Farnum said. "They want to spend all their time in their room. They lose interest in outside activities."

According to Farnum, children could experience language and speech difficulties after constant screen exposure