Were there any tornadoes associated with the July 4, 1977 Wisconsin derecho?

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Dear Tom,

I was wondering if there were any tornadoes associated with the Wisconsin derecho on July 4, 1977.

Leif Hendrickson
Madison, Wisconsin

Dear Leif,

On July 4, 1977, a fast-moving line of severe thunderstorm developed in west-central Minnesota about 10am and raced east-southeast across northern Wisconsin and central lower Michigan, finally weakening as it reached northwest Ohio during the early-morning hours of July 5. The storm killed one, injured 37 and damaged or destroyed more than a million acres of forest. Damage was estimated at more than $30 million. All the damage was attributed to straight-line winds that were estimated as high as 115 mph. Famed tornado researcher Dr. Ted Fujita researched the storm and coined the term “bow echo” to describe the storm and determined that the wind damage was enhanced in many areas by downbursts.

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