Psychic hit by a car in a restaurant says he ‘didn’t foresee it happening’

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VIRGIL, Ontario -- This psychic certainly didn't see this coming.

Blair Robertson, 51, told the Arizona Republic that he was sitting at the Silks County Kitchen with a friend when a white Lexus came crashing through the front window.

"I didn't foresee it happening.... It basically sounded like a bomb going off," Robertson said. "It took place one second in time."

"I see my table flying up. My friend disappears behind the table. Next thing you know I'm flying in the air and then I land.... The car grabbed my leg and pull me back down. It pinned my leg under the car in a very weird position," he recalled.

He was left pinned between the car and the wall.

"My leg was in the shape of an 'L.' My left foot was on its side and I have no idea how it wasn't snapped off."

The crash, which occurred on May 30, was captured on a restaurant surveillance camera, which Robertson has posted on his Facebook page with updates on his recovery.

Amazingly, Robertson was able to walk away with only a few bumps and bruises and no serious injuries. He is amazed he is still alive.

"By all accounts, I should be dead," he posted on Facebook.

Police said the 85-year-old woman driving the car was not impaired. But according to Robertson, she was not charged, either.

The owner of the restaurant, Jenifer Phelan, told The Republic she heard the crash.

"We've been here for 22 years and nothing has ever happened like this before," Phelan said. "They were very brave. I can't even imagine that happening. He [Robertson] was very happy with the emergency crews, and there were volunteer firefighters a couple shops away who came immediately."

Phelan said it took the shop about three hours to clean up. She also mentioned that insurance will cover the cost of all the damage. The restaurant is fully reopened for service.

But here's the real kicker. The man Robertson was eating with is a psychic as well.

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