Beloved school support dog earns a place in students hearts – and the yearbook!

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PARK RIDGE, Ill. -- Their mascot is the Blue Demons but at Maine East High School in Park Ridge, there's another figure that has captured their hearts.

A dog by the name of Luke is so popular with the students, he made this year's yearbook - not once, but twice.

Staff say Luke’s like a extension of the counseling department.

"Part of our focus was what can we do to support students here,” says Asst. Principal of Student Services Michael Wartick.  “And this was a great way to help them feel more comfortable. Especially students that have anxiety and other issues."

Luke has made trips to the oral communications class to calm nerves before the teens had to give their speeches.

He also holds his own office hours in the counselor’s office.

"We might adopt him as our new mascot or the unofficial new mascot," Principal Wartick says.

Luke has been such a hit at Maine East High School that the district added two more support dogs. One at Maine South and the other at Maine West just this Spring.


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