The Cubs’ ‘Dancing Bullpen’ is becoming 2017’s signature Wrigley Field celebration

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CHICAGO – It’s a bit of a different look for Wrigley Field than in the past – and in some ways, it’s a disappointment.

Instead of the bullpens being down the lines – allowing fans to see relievers getting ready – the team moved them underneath the bleachers this season as part of the renovations to the 103-year-old park.

While the fan interaction might be gone, a completely new attraction has emerged thanks to this new bullpen and a camera place inside.

That’s the “Dancing Bullpen,” or #DancingBullpen if you’re into hashtags.

Last night the bullpen went crazy after Anthony Rizzo put the Cubs in the lead for good with a three-run homer to right field in the fifth inning. As you can see, each of the bullpen pitchers had their unique dance as television cameras caught the moment of madness underneath the bleachers.

This has been the case since the cameras first caught the Cubs dancing during a rain delay against the Brewers back in May.

The dance off with Milwaukee got traction on social media and the bullpen’s dancing has been put on television on Twitter by the team ever since. In fact, there is even an MLB GIF for fans to use if they would like.

So once again, the Cubs team has found a way to entertain their fans with something other than their play in 2017.

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