Students call for expulsion after classmate makes racist post on Instagram

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CRETE, Ill. -- What was supposed to be a night of celebration turned into a night of disappointment and frustration for some high school students in Crete after a student posted racially offensive content on social media.

Yesterday, the day before graduation, an Instagram post was circulated by students on social media. It was posted by a Crete Monee High School student and reads “Three Ks a day will keep the n-word away.”

“I was absolutely appalled by the image and the content,” said Sophomore Keshaun Altman. “I can’t believe that someone like this goes to our school. You never really know it’s around until it affects you. Like I walk the halls with him every day and I see him every day.”

Another image was also posted by a different student of a loaded gun.  The caption said “Coming to a school near you.”

Fearing protesters and potential fights would break out between students, police upped patrols at graduation.

The student who posted about the KKK later posted an apology saying he was sorry.

“There was no intention to be racially biased and he had no idea how offensive it could be and it kind of mushroomed and blew up on him,” said police chief James Paoletti

Police say they spent about 5 hours interviewing the student and his family and they are convinced he didn’t know what he was posting.

“Somewhere along the way kids make foolish decisions. And that’s all this was,” Paoletti said. “He has very little worldly experience.  He made a foolish choice trying to be an inside joke and it just backfired.”

Students aren’t buying it and say they want the student expelled for good.

“He absolutely knew what he was doing,” Keshaun said.  “He just didn’t think he’d get in as much trouble as he did.”

Police say there was never any threat to the school or other students.

The school released a statement saying they are aware of the posts. They contacted police. The students have been disciplined.

There were no issues at tonight’s ceremony.



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