We can’t get enough of hardworking kids freaking out over Cubs tickets

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GRANT PARK, Ill. – In what we’re hoping is a widespread trend, the priceless reaction of yet another hardworking young fan learning they would see the Cubs play was caught on video, and it's sure to remind any sports fan how it felt to see their favorite team for the first time.

You may have seen Cubs fan Kolt Kyler's tearful reaction to Cubs tickets. That video went viral and caught the team's attention, leading to an amazing trip to Wrigley Field this past weekend where he got to meet the players in the dugout.

In the latest video, 9-year-old Carter Wackerlin pulls open a kitchen drawer to get something for his dad, only to find Cubs tickets stashed there instead. After doing a triple-take he finally realizes what they are. Then: screams of joy, and tears.

“I’m crying right now,” he says in the video.

Here’s the back story: Carter’s mom Christie Wackerlin said he's one of the most hardworking kids she knows. He helps out on his uncle’s and grandfather’s farms, and in fact was out bailing hay as we spoke with Christie Monday. He also mows the yard of an elderly woman down the street. And with a baby brother at home and his dad extra busy at work, his mom said Carter has been helping out around the house as well.

“He’s just a born worker- the kid doesn’t ever stop,” Christie said.

Carter comes from “generations” of Cubs fans on both sides, she said, and he's been watching the team closely. He's a big fan of Ben Zobrist, who played 20 minutes away from their home in Grant Park at Olivet Nazarene University. A shy kid by nature, the Cubs even helped him make new friends and inspired him to step onto the field next year. Carter told his mom he hoped to see Wrigley Field in person someday.

“He was like, ‘one day I want to go to Wrigley Field, just to go there and be outside it, not even to go to a game,'” Christie said.

So when his dad won a pair of tickets in a work lottery, there was no one he would rather go with, Christie said. Now the two of them are heading to Wrigley on June 9 to see the Cubs take on the Rockies.

As Kolt and Carter show, hard work can really pay off for young Cubs fans.

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