Grandmother of 10 faces ICE officials, avoids detainment – for now

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CHICAGO -- A grandmother, fearful of deportation, reported to immigration officials today.  Supporters rallied as she answered a federal order while in Chicago, a sanctuary city.

67-year-old Genoveva Ramirez received an order two weeks ago to appear before ICE officials today. The grandmother of 10 has lived in the Chicago area for nearly two decades.

She has no criminal history, but as an undocumented immigrant is worried about being deported given recent changes to immigration laws under the Trump administration.

In 2013, Ramirez was detained more than a week after being pulled over for a traffic violation for not using a turn signal to change lanes.
Her attorney says since then, she has received deferred action, has a new pending visa and hasn't been required to check in with ICE for two years.

Along with her attorney, and a representative from the Mexican consulate, Ramirez went inside for her meeting and came out a half hour later.
ICE officials told her this case is still pending and she needs to check in with them again on August 31st.