CPD police station on South Side gets high-tech help to fight crime

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CHICAGO -- Chicago police say the new technology, combined with more than 1000 officers on the street each day,  made this Memorial Day a bit safer than last.

Chicago police say all hands were on deck this holiday weekend and that the strategic decision support center, now in three districts, helped keep crime down.

The “Shots Fired “ technology works in real time before anyone even calls 911.  So within seconds of a gunshot being detected alerts are sent to patrol officers.  The location is more accurate and police have a better idea of when a gun is used because people don’t always call for help.

The Englewood and Harrison police districts have already seen shootings down since the technology was implemented earlier this year.

In fact, this weekend, there were no shootings at all in the Harrison district, that is the 11th District on the West Side, one of the highest crime areas in the city.

The technology along with a saturation of police officers and mobile command units from CPD and the sheriff’s office,  kept crime at a minimum.  But the extra cops and mobile command units aren’t always available.

“Anytime we keep someone from getting shot and murdered,  it’s a success,” said chief Fred Waller.  “We’re never satisfied with our efforts.  We’re always trying to do better,”

The “Shots Fired” technology is only one tool to reduce crime but police say they like the direction it’s heading.