Community confronts violence after teen shot during attempted robbery

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OAK PARK -- The day after a 16-year-old was shot and killed in Oak Park, the community came together Sunday to brainstorm how to stop the violence this summer.

About two dozen people came together Sunday afternoon to mourn the loss of life and figure out how to move forward in peace.

"It was sort of a wake up call for a suburban community to have something like this happen here on a day during Memorial weekend," said Austin activist Iesha Hollins.

Saturday just before noon a teenage boy was shot and killed after he allegedly tried to rob a man in the U.S. Bank parking lot in Oak Park. Neighbors said they heard multiple gunshots.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the boy as 16-year-old Damon Phillips. The Oak Park Police Department says the teen was shot by a man who had a valid concealed-carry permit.

Sunday afternoon about two dozen Oak Park and Austin residents gathered to talk about what happened and brainstorm how to fight the violence they fear is sure to come this summer.

“When incidents occur, shootings occur, I truly believe we can’t allow those things to be normalized. They cannot occur in the community and we just simply go about our day,” Anthony Clark said.

And while they disagreed about whether the shooting was justified, attendees agreed it’s wake up call – and a chance for neighbors to come together and make sure young people have positive things to do.

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