Mother goose has babies on top of hospital parking garage for the third time

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CHICAGO —  For the third time in a row, a mother goose affectionately known as “Weezie” had her babies on the top floor of Weiss Memorial Hospital’s parking garage.

The goslings first came along in April, Weezie and her new goslings left the “rooftop farm” where they nested a few days ago. The goslings followed their mother down the parking lot ramp, across the streets, through the park, and to Montrose Harbor.

The family will now live along the harbor, where the goslings will have the luxury of living on land and in water.

The hospital captured footage of the babies’ first migration.

If Weezie chooses to have babies on the Weiss Hospital roof next year, this will be her fourth time giving birth in that same location.

More of Weezie’s life at the Weiss rooftop farm can be found on the hospital’s website.

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