Charges possible in high school brawl posted to social media

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OAK LAWN, Ill. -- A violent brawl between two female students at a suburban school was caught on tape and posted to social media.

It happened Monday morning in the hallway at Oak Lawn Community High School.

In the video it is clear one student has a pair of scissors in her hand. The other girl has several slashes on her body and was treated at the hospital.

The school claims the fight was broken up quickly, but one of the girls’ mother, Barbara Garza, disagrees.

Barbara tells WGN News the other girl, who she says had been bullying her daughter Destinee for several days previous, started the fight.  Soon after it began, she took out a scissors from her pants and tried stabbing Destinee.

She managed to slash Destinee on her shoulders, arm, head and chest.

Barbara believes her daughter is lucky to be alive.

The district's superintendent Dr Michael Riordan told Patch on Monday, “The fight was broken up quickly by staff.”

Barbara says the video clearly shows it didn't end quickly and staff had nothing to do with stopping it.

She says she's been told her daughter is facing school discipline as well even though she and her daughter insist the other student was the instigator.

Oak Lawn Police say the girl with the scissors will be charged.

An official statement from school superintendent is forthcoming.