Around Town visits Tommy Gun’s Garage

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Welcome to Tommy Gun's Garage dinner theater and chicago's roaring twenties

Not long after the turn of the century, in a decade known as the Roaring Twenties, the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages was outlawed and strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, men like Alphonse Capone and his mafia family, refused to adhere to the law, opening illegal speakeasies across the city of Chicago, offering alcohol, gambling and hotbox entertainment.

Tommy Gun's Garage is an Audience Interactive Speakeasy that offers a musical comedy review wit da gangsters, da flappers and YOU!!!!!(uh, audience participation). After a delicious sit-down dinner, join Vito, Gloves, and da gangsters and da flappers for non-stop comedy and dangerous fun.

You will be transported back to da 1920s complete wit da boss 1928 Model Ford, Roaring Twenties music and memorabilia from da Twenties. Da mugs and da molls dance and sing da Charleston and udder musical selections from Cole Porter to George Gershwin, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and more. All played by Chicago's Sinfully Orchestra. Be ready to hide your hooch (alcohol) cause we could get raided by da coppers at anytime. Be careful, you could get pulled up on stage at any time to perform a sobriety test given by Officer Murphy.

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