4 million dollar mistake by NASA

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CHICAGO - It was one of the biggest moments in history  The Apollo 11 mission of 1969 brought man to the moon. There were a few things that came back with the astronauts.  While there, Neil Armstrong collected some moon dust and placed it in this bag.

Turns out NASA forgot about the bag over time and accidentally auctioned it off with other space stuff for a little less than a thousand dollars.

Nancy Lee Carlson is the Chicago area attorney who bought it at auction. She was certain that there was *real* moon dust inside.  After she bought it for just over 900 dollars...She sent it back to NASA for testing. They confirmed it was real moon dust and refused to give it back, saying they made a mistake.

She went to court over the matter and won.  Now she is auctioning off the moon dust, where its expected to bring in about 4 million dollars. She says she'll donate some of the money to scientific research.