Car show raises money to help protect those sworn to serve and protect

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CHICAGO -- From pre-war to current models, the Cars & Cops Car Show brought some of the best Chicago has to offer on four wheels together with a worthy cause.

The money raised from the nearly 200-car show goes toward offsetting the $500 cost for new bulletproof vests for Chicago police officers.

"They get a vest when they start the academy, but they’re only good for five years, and after five years because of moisture, sweat, they way they’re stored, they break down and lose their ability to stop a bullet," said Phil Cline, Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

In the last two weeks, those vests have shown their worth, saving the lives of three Chicago cops shot in the line of duty.

"It’s a lot of money but it’s money well spent, especially considering the job we do and what we do out there every day," said CPD Officer Michael Orlando.

Money raised at the Cars & Cops Car Show helps support the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, which covers 80 percent of the cost of each new vest. The Collectors’ Car Garage opened their doors to host the event.

"We’ve been working our butts off since October planning this. It takes an awful lot of logistics and we’re delighted with the weather and the turnout and the people and the diversity of cars," said Burt Richmond, Collectors’ Car Garage.

Cline said their goal is to buy 8,000 vests, and they've picked up 7,000 so far.

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