Woman charged with murder for hitting officer’s daughter with SUV repeatedly

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CHICAGO -- A woman who allegedly used her SUV to repeatedly ram the daughter of a Chicago police officer into a tree last Friday night, killing her, was charged with first degree murder and denied bond Monday.

Police say it started as an argument over Facebook, and 24-year-old Chynna Stapleton was upset because 17-year-old Tatyanna Lewis had started a relationship with the father of one of her children.

17-year-old Tatyanna Lewis

Lewis' boyfriend Tyshaun Page said Lewis visited him Friday and said she was fed up with being what he called "bullied and harassed" by Stapleton. Stapleton and Page have a one-year-old son together.

"She kept picking on Tatyanna, she got tired, started crying and said, 'I'm tired of her picking on me.' I said do what you gotta do baby - I didn't know all this was going to happen," Page said.

Chynna Stapleton, 24

Just after 11 p.m. that night, Page said his fiancé and baby's mother got into a fist fight. Police say Lewis started walking away with friends down the sidewalk when Stapleton got into her Jeep Liberty- with her 13-year-old cousin in the back seat- and then swung around and started barreling down the sidewalk.

Witnesses then watched as Stapleton hit Lewis, and then kept going until she struck a tree, according to Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Jamie Santini.

"Witnesses then watched as she put her car in reverse; the victim had become lodged and was dragged and pulled under the vehicle. She shifted to drive and ran over her with both the front and rear tires of her car," Santini said.

Lewis was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It was very heartbreaking to see that, and then just to see her laying on the ground helpless, you can’t really do nothing, but call the police,” said Joneise Mayfield, who witnessed the tragedy.

Police say Stapleton hit multiple vehicles while trying to get away, before she was arrested.

The family of the woman charged were in court Monday as a judge ordered no bond in the first degree murder case.

The man who says he lost his true love says he never intended for something like this to happen.

"I promise you all, I'm sorry; if I could rewind it I would," Page said.

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