Hoover’s mom shares joke for Mother’s Day: ‘So an old man goes into an ice cream parlor’

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My Dad has told several jokes over the years on my regular Monday morning segment.

This time, I decided to let my Mom take a shot at it.  She was going to borrow one from my Dad, but I did some searching and found one that I thought she'd think was funny and could deliver.

(This was shot after a little bit of wine at Dablon Vineyards – Winery & Tasting Room in Baroda, Michigan.  )

So, if you don't like the joke, blame me.  I think she did great!  Hopefully, my Dad isn't jealous having to share the stage with another joke teller in the house.

If you like the joke, share it with a friend.  It's Monday.  It might start their week off with a smile.

Try the veal!