Search resumes for teen who went missing in Des Plaines River

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MELROSE PARK, Ill. -- Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said Monday the search is not over for 16-year-old Cameron Sanders, who went missing Saturday after jumping into the Des Plaines River.

Sanders and two friends jumped from a railroad bridge over the Des Plaines River in Melrose Park that has been popular with kids for decades.

Sanders' family says he does not know how to swim, and he never resurfaced. Teams have been searching for him ever since.

The Cook County Sheriff's Office took over the search effort Monday afternoon and will continue searching until he is found, Dart said.

The sheriff said a helicopter with special equipment will continue the search on Monday, and boats with sonar will search the river Tuesday, but the dynamics of the river make the search effort very difficult.

Sanders' family members are holding a vigil not too far from where he jumped into the river on Monday. They have at times been frustrated with the search effort.