Midday Fix: Chicago Fit 4 Life workout for kids

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Siddiqu Muhammad - "The Personal Trainer"

Chicago Fit 4 Life

Workout and Fundraising Event:
June 10
11:00 a.m.
Salem Baptist Church
10909 S. Cottage Grove


Reward System
Everything cannot be based off of food.  “If you do this you get to eat that…if you stop doing this you can eat that.” Food isn’t a reward it’s nutrition and fuel for the body to be productive. Don’t dangle food in front of your child to control them. That same food will have control over them for a long time.

Food Choices
Diets higher in calories (including fats and simple sugars) and lower in fruits and vegetables are linked with being overweight. Shop around the grocery aisle more and stay out of the middle of the grocery store. Feed your child fresh food instead of packaged meals.

Being an Overweight Parent
The first rule of parenting is modeling. What kind of example are you setting for your children?  They will follow what you do over what you say.  Children of obese parents are more likely to be overweight themselves. Work on living a healthier lifestyle yourself and see the change in your household.

Physical Activity vs. Sedentary Activity
Do you ever go for walks with your children? Is everything you do about free time for yourself?  The less physical activity and more time spent participating in activities such as watching TV and playing video games results in less energy expenditure and a larger waist line.  Sign your children up for sports or other physical activities even if they don’t want to.  They will appreciate you in the long term.