Indiana man protecting son from angry goose gets ticket

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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana dad says he was ticketed for trying to defend his son from an aggressive goose.

James McDaniel and his four-year-old son, Ethan, were playing Wiffle ball in a field.

McDaniel said a goose approached, fully opening its wings and started chasing his son.

That’s when he stepped in and hit the bird with his son’s plastic bat.

A nearby witness called police, and Animal Services showed up and ticketed McDaniel for animal cruelty.

“It was clearly attacking my son,” said McDaniel, “if anyone else had seen the whole incident, they would have known I was trying to protect my son.”

Officials from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources said a person is allowed to protect themselves or others from wildlife, but can only use a reasonable amount of force.

McDaniel will go before a judge on Monday.