Take a ride on the ‘Top Thrill Cubster’ coaster renamed after World Series bet

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SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Cubs fans from all over the Midwest are headed to Cedar Point - an amusement park just an hour away from Cleveland - to celebrate their team after the amusement park's signature ride was renamed to honor the World Champions.

It all started with a bet.

According to Cedar Point's head of Public Relations Tony Clark, they made a bet with Six Flags Great America that if the Cubs beat the Indians, they had to make a video singing "Go Cubs Go," AND rename one of their rides after the Cubs.

We all know what happened next.

So now you can take a ride on the "Top Thrill Cubster" at Cedar Point. It's what they call an accelerator coaster, featuring a hydraulic launch system similar to what you'd find on an aircraft carrier that's capable of rocketing riders from 0-120 miles per hour in just four seconds. The coaster then sends riders straight up at a 90 degree angle - 420' in the air. Then, you come over the top and twist straight back down to earth.

Although plenty of Cubs fans probably still feel like they're walking on air.