Joliet home where toddler’s body was found burns to the ground

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JOLIET TOWNSHIP-- The home where the body of 16-month old Samaj Crosby was found has burned to the ground.

The condemned house at 309 Louis, which was the subject of a police investigation for the past week, went up in smoke quickly and burned down even faster. It had been deemed unlivable and condemned days earlier after the girl's body was found inside, reportedly stuffed under a couch.

Will County investigators are trying to determine if arson was the cause of the blaze, or if candles left in front of the home as part of a makeshift memorial are to blame. There were reports earlier this week that a memorial with candles had started a small fire. 

It's a sad ending to an already tragic story of a little girl who never had a chance to grow up, on a street where neighbors once rallied to find her when she was first reported missing.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. No arrests have been made, and no charges have been filed in the death of Samaj Crosby.