Family’s hilarious (possibly mortifying) bus stop sendoff a hit on social media

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WINFIELD, Ill. -- A  suburban family in Winfield is becoming a big hit in its community thanks to the creative approach the parents are taking to keep a smile on the kids’ faces.

It all started last year when the Murray's oldest was starting 7th grade.  The big, loving family wanted to help her start her day off on the right foot with a big smile across her face.

And the tradition has continued. They spread happiness to their now 13-year-old 8th grader Amelia and her fellow students.

On any given day, the oldest and only daughter in this family of six heads off to school not knowing what lies in the moments ahead.

“She walks up the street, we say ‘Bye bye’ and then the second she’s gone were like, ‘Get your costumes!’

Costumes? Yes, costumes.

Dad Scott and brothers Sam, Mac and Scottie launch into their curbside hilarious antics.

And each display is more creative than the last from the crazy clown or a group of party animals to THE cast of “Hamilton.”

The slightly mortified middle schooler says it took some getting used to be now she loves it.  She’s had about a year to get used to it.

Amelia never knows what her morning will hold, but her bus driver makes sure its never missed.

And they’ll have years more to enjoy.  Friends have now donated costumes and their Instagram videos are growing in popularity.

The funny family has a lot more up its sleeves.

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