Former Blackhawks help give underprivileged kids a chance to skate

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As Chicago watches the Stanley Cup Playoffs from a distance, the Sheraton teamed up with the Inner-City Education Program to put an ice rink in its hotel for local underprivileged kids to play on.

Former Blackhawks Bryan Bickell and Daniel Carcillo coached the event, giving back to the community they brought two Stanley Cups to in 2013 and 2015.

"Without these programs they would never be able to try something like this. They just don't have the means," noted Carcillo. "Hockey - the reality is - it's expensive."

Carcillo brought his championship ring for the kids to try on for inspiration.

He says there's a reason the Blackhawks won't get another one of their own this year.

"I think there's a few things that happened. One of the biggest reasons that I could see from a distance would probably be the Hawk goaltender and the compete level, if I'm being totally honest."

"Kind of disappointing what they did, being a fan and rooting for my former teammates and friends," said Bickell. "But, I know next year they'll bounce back. They can't do that too many times in a row. They're going to change and make it good."

A positive outlook from someone who knows how quickly the game can be taken away.

"I know this is the beginning for them, so hopefully it's the beginning of something great," Bickell explained. "To give them some pointers here and there with what I went through as a kid to get to where I am, you never know. It's a fun thing that we're going to take out of it."