Around Town previewing Cuba: Photographs of an Era at The Rangefinder Gallery

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The Rangefinder Gallery at Tamarkin Camera, a gallery dedicated to un-retouched film and digital photographs from the legendary Leica camerais proud to announce the May 5, 2017 opening of Cuba – Photographs of an Era," a collection of images made by Roberto Salas and his father Osvaldo Salas. This collection showcases intimate views of Fidel Castro and his 26 July Movement. As Fidel Castro and the Revolution movement hid in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, just before taking power in January 1959, Salas enjoyed privileged access to Castro and his people. This access continued for many years afterward—resulting in a stunning portrait of Cuba and Castro in one of the country’s most tumultuous eras through the eyes of a photographer and his Leica camera. In addition to these iconic images, the exhibit will also include a number of Mr. Salas’ more recent works made in and around Havana, Cuba.

Event Info:

May 4, Artist Talk at Cruz Blanca, tickets available at

May 5, Opening Night of: Cuba: Photographs of an Era at The Rangefinder Gallery