Small swine avoids big fine: Beloved service pig wins exception with council

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BATAVIA, Ill. -- A 60-pound mini-teacup pig found himself on the wrong side of the law recently.

As an unlikely ally in a suburban man's battle with depression, Pigly Brown wanted to be able to stay inside Batavia's city limits and help his human Greg.
Pigly Brown is a service pig.

β€œThe type of service he provides is emotional support,” Greg says.

For many months, all was well until Pigly caught the eye of local officials and wound up facing a fine of $500.

Locals responded with a petition and even a Facebook page in support of keeping Pigly around.

Monday night, a compassionate city council voted make an exception to the law. After debating the issue, the council almost unanimously passed an ordinance allowing Pigly to stay with Greg.

As long as he stays on his leash.

Greg calls it an act of compassion that is also life-changing for him.

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