Feds investigate after a local woman hacked in cyber scam and airlines threatened

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A local woman recent became the target of a cyber-scam that had the FBI visiting her place of business.

Carmen Rivera has the Twitter handle @Carmen with about 10,000 followers.  It has helped her promote her business Bliss Fashion Lounge in Forest Park as well as other projects.

Last month, the account was hacked.  It led the FBI to visit her business, asking questions about threatening messages that were tweeted out.  Rivera says the tweets included messages to airlines.

“All of a sudden I could see my yahoo password change, and I could feel myself turning green like I was about to hurl,” she says.  “I felt awful because I thought what about my business.”

Attorney Charles Lee Mudd Jr. who specializes in cyber security believes Carmen may have been a prime target for Ransomware because of her large following and valuable twitter handle.

Ransomare has been on the rise.  Hackers steal data from your computer and then demand money for the return of that data.  They are now the fifth most common type of malware.  That’s according to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report.

The FBI will not say if there has been an arrest in this case.  They are asking the public to report anything suspicious they see on social media.


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