Jesse Jackson Jr.’s divorce proceedings moved to the East Coast

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Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife Sandi have agreed on one thing in their contentious divorce case. The venue has been moved from Cook County Court to Washington D.C.

Jackson Jr. dropped his case here in Chicago. He was in court today. Sandi remains in D.C. with their children.

This morning’s hearing was mostly a formality, with the two sides agreeing to try or settle the matter in Washington. This case has been filled with accusations and innuendo since it began. Most recently Sandi asked for a list of her husband’s sexual partners during their 25 year marriage.

In addition to moving the case, the Jackson’s agreed to Sandi getting 1200 dollars a month in temporary alimony while the case is pending. That’s on top of 1500 a month he pays in child support.

While both sides say they would like to settle the case, Jackson’s attorney says they are still far apart on a lot of issues.

Included in that is unspecified information Jackson Jr. says he found on their personal computer two years ago while Sandi was in prison. He says the information has been sent to other people and the case won’t be settled until it is returned to him and his family.

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