Who are those people pictured at the WGN Courtesy Desk?

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WGN Morning News weatherman Paul Konrad has gotten the question dozens of times -- who are those people pictured at the WGN Courtesy Desk?? They are a mixture of WGN-TV and WGN Radio personalities. From left to right:

  1. Roy Leonard - WGN Radio's midday show host for 31 years, He also appeared on WGN-TV and hosted Christmas specials.
  2. Wally Philips - Hosted WGN Radio's morning show for 21 years.
  3. Jack Taylor - Former anchor, host and announcer for WGN-TV
  4. Bob Bell - Original Bozo the Clown.
  5. Frazier Thomas - Creator and host of "Garfield Goose and Friends" on WGN-TV, and children's books author.
  6. Eddie Hubbard - Former WGN Radio personality.

Glamour shots of Paul and WGN Morning News Around Town reporter Ana Belaval are also included in the line-up.

Paul accidentally flipped numbers 3 and 6 during his TV segment, but they are listed here correctly.