Opponents of legalized pot say their voices aren’t being heard

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Some opponents of the legalization of marijuana in Illinois are speaking out after they say they were not allowed time at a hearing yesterday

Yesterday, at a hearing in Chicago a panel of Illinois lawmakers fired off questions for the director of Colorado’s Department of Revenue who talked about the changes and challenges.

State Senator Heather Steans says this was just the first of many hearings to come that will seek input from both sides on the proposal in Illinois.

But some opponents are upset they didn't get to testify yesterday.

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police is against legalization. Riverside Chief Tom Weitzel says it would normalize drug use.

“I had signed up on behalf of Illinois chiefs to speak and I was under the impression that I could speak about our position,” he said.  “I think it's important to have the chiefs perspective officers are the ones doing the enforcement. … The proponents are well organized. They have the ear because it's all about dollars.”

Sponsors of the bills in the state house and senate say they have no intention of bringing this to the floor this legislative session.  They say they will hold several more hearings to get public input in Springfield and Chicago.