Family outraged after their 10-year-old gets bumped from Air Canada flight

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CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island -- A family spent thousands of dollars in extra travel expenses after their son was bumped from an Air Canada flight.

Shanna Doyle booked a spring break trip to Costa Rica months in advance.

But the day before their flight, she tried to check-in online and couldn't get a seat for her 10-year old son, Cole.

She was told the flight was overbooked, and even if she or her husband gave up their seats, it was not guaranteed to go to Cole. The family finally had to buy new tickets for Cole and his dad on a different flight at another airport.

Both the 10-year-old and his mother expressed confusion and disappointment in the situation. "I was thinking, 'How do I get to where I am going?'" Cole said.

"We're spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on an airplane ticket, and yet we are not guaranteed a seat. So, what in reality are we paying for?" Shanna added.

Air Canada said they're aware of the situation and have apologized. They're working with the family to provide compensation.