Was there a warm Easter between the March and April 1970 snowstorms?

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Dear Tom,
I was reading about the big snowstorms in March and April of 1970. I also remember a glorious 70-degree March 29 Easter between those storms and driving to church with the car windows rolled down.

— Debbie Goddard

Dear Debbie,

The week-apart snowstorms in late March and early April of 1970 provided the city its largest late-season snow blitz. The March 25-26 storm produced 14.3 inches, and the April 1-2 one delivered 10.7 inches. Both storms produced thundersnow and were accompanied by strong northeast winds that badly drifted the heavy, wet snow. It’s true that Easter fell between the storms, on March 29, but your drive to church must have been quite cold. The high that Sunday was just 31 degrees after a morning low of 23. Temperatures between the two storms never got higher than the lower 40s, but mild weather did follow April snow with the mercury reaching 73 degrees on April 8.

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