Easter Sunday weather in 1951

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Tom Skilling

Dear Tom,

I believe Easter has only fallen on March 25 once since 1900. On that day in 1951, my mother told me, the weather was sunny and 70 degrees. I would like to know if she is correct.

— William J. Ooms Jr., Alsip

Dear William,

While it is true that the March 25, 1951, occurrence of Easter was the only one on that date since 1900, the 70-degree high temperature is not. Easter was actually rather chilly that year, with the high reaching just 41 degrees. The possible dates for Easter vary by more than a month, from as early as March 22 to as late as April 25, during a period of rapid warming in Chicago. The city’s warmest Easter was April 10, 1977, with a high of 85, and the coldest was March 24, 1940, with a low of 11. There has been at least a trace of snow on Easter 22 times, with the heaviest snowfall 7.1 inches on March 29, 1964.

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