7 popular airlines that could bump you from your flight

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So, which airline is most likely to bump passengers from a full flight?

According to consumer reports, Southwest Airlines has done it more than any other airline. One out of every 10,000 passengers were booted last year because of overbooked flights. That means nearly 15,000 passengers.

Jetblue is second, followed by American, Frontier and Spirit. United was 6th on the list, and Delta came in at number 10.

One woman made $11,000 in a few days by getting bumped from flights. Content strategist and contributor at Forbes, Laura Begley Bloom joined WGN Wednesday morning to discuss her experiences and how some travelers even make a business out of getting bumped from flights.

Begley Bloom finds that travelers use a "strategic" approach  by booking flights during popular times of the year to increase their chances of getting bumped. Whether or not someone voluntarily gives up a seat on a plane, he is entitled to compensations listed by the Department of Transportation.

You can read Laura's full article by heading to Forbes.com, and her website is laurabegleybloom.com.