2 additional aviation officers placed on leave in United passenger controversy

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CHICAGO -- Fallout continues from the violent removal of a passenger from a United flight earlier this week.

Two additional Chicago Dept of Aviation officers have been placed on leave.

The Chicago Dept of Aviation released a statement saying:

The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) continues reviewing the details surrounding the incident. As part of our review, two additional officers have been placed on administrative leave until further notice. The employees ‘ collective bargaining agreement prohibits the CDA from releasing their names at this time.

Additionally, all passengers aboard that flight will get a full refund.

This as United Airlines tries to get out of a PR nightmare.

The Rainbow Push Coalition will be protesting outside United Airlines terminals in 25 cities throughout the weekend. The group is urging everyone to boycott the airline until the CEO Oscar Munoz can meet with them.

Munoz issued another apology today saying,  in the future, law enforcement will not be used to pull paying passengers off planes and the policies for bumping passengers are now being critically reviewed at United.

He admits there was also a breakdown in training on the front lines that allowed this to happen.

Munoz says that he reached out to Dao to apologize but has been unable to reach him.

On Sunday night, Louisville doctor David Dao was bumped off Flight 3411 to Louisville for a United employee and was left bleeding from the forceful removal. The viral video has prompted protests from the Asian and Muslim communities.
One of the officers was placed on leave early this week.

Tomorrow the Chicago city council’s aviation committee will also be making sure this doesn’t happen again. 23 Ward Alderman Mike Zalewski called the meeting.

The city council does not have a lot of power in terms of legislation but Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky says she plans to introduce a bill that would stop airlines from bumping passengers on overbooked flights.

Also tomorrow, Dr. Dao's personal injury attorneys will be holding a press conference.