Midday Fix: Blueberry and raspberry plants tips from Tony Fulmer, Chalet Landscape, Nursery and Garden Center

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Tony Fulmer, Chief Horticulture Officer

Chalet Landscape, Nursery and Garden Center
3132 Lake Avenue

Check out Tony’s blog, Hortiholic (www.hortiholic.com) for timely garden tips.


Plant blueberry bushes in containers to best control acidity in the soil.

Soil for blueberries needs to be acidic, compared to the traditional soil in our area that is alkaline. Use peat moss-based potting soil to grow blueberries on containers, along with acidifying agents available at a local garden center.

The Bushel & Berry Collection is recommended as a blueberry source, in “Jelly Bean” and “Peach Sorbet” varieties.

Blueberry flowers are ornamental with pretty white blooms.

Harvest blueberries 5-7 days after they turn full blue on the plant.

Raspberries can thrive in this area as well. Consider the “Raspberry Shortcake” variety, which his compact and thorn-less.

Raspberry plants can be planted directly into standard potting soil, in an area with at least six hours of sun a day.

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