CHIRP Record Fair, Vintage Garage attract music fans and nostalgia-seekers

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CHICAGO -- The 15th Annual CHIRP Radio Record Fair at Plumbers Hall attracts 70 dealers from around the Midwest and beyond, selling records, CDs, posters and books.

"When I was young there was the revitalization of vinyl, and then it kind of went away, and its come back I feel like multiple times," said the fair's co-director Kwame Shorter. "I think the hip kids are getting cassettes now, so I don't know."

Downstairs at Vintage Garage, the pop up shop of sorts, features a handful of their usual 100 venders.

"It's a mix of everything vintage you could want, you know: pre-90's vintage clothing, jewelry, toys, furniture, dishes," explains founder Melissa Sands. "I mean you name it and people are collectors, so they want to come in and get what they collect."

Vintage Garage is normally in the Uptown neighborhood, and they will return there for their season opener on April 23.