Syrian refugees reactions mixed over U.S. airstrikes

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GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill. -- Syrian refugees have mixed feelings about yesterday's U.S. airstrike in their home country.

Adnan Alhaj Ali came to the U.S. last year from a refugee camp in Jordan.  He and his cousin, Muhammed, find it heartbreaking to see the war and fighting that is destroying Syria.  They both hope to return to a peaceful Syria one day.

Both men and their families are among the 900 families served by the Islamic Circle of North America each year.

Muhammed says the U.S. is taking appropriate action by the airstrike.  Fifty-nine tomahawk cruise missiles were launched from U.S. warships in the Eastern Mediterranean yesterday on President Trump's orders.

But Muhammed's cousin, Adnan says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad needs to leave office on his own.

"We want all Syrians to come back to their home country.  We want peace for all," Adnan Alhaj Ali said.

The six-year civil war in Syria has left more than 300,000 people dead.


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