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Suburban mother seeks stranger who helped save son’s life

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ALSIP, Ill. -- A suburban mother is searching for the stranger who saved her son's life.

Mary Graham brought her kids to the Subway in Alsip Tuesday around 7 p.m.

2-year-old Noah was strapped in his stroller, eating pieces of a sandwich and Doritos when he started choking.

“Then he started to turn blue,” she said. “He did one big gasp for air then he stopped breathing and it looked like he was going to pass out.”

Security video from the Subway shows Mary’s 9-year-old daughter Madilyn running to the counter for help.

A customer in a black shirt and grey pants runs back and jumps into action.

“He came over right away and took over took my son straight out of that stroller bent him over his leg started pressure on his belly  and patting him on his back,” Mary says.

In the process of helping Noah, the toddler vomited on the Good Samaritan’s pants and himself.

Mary took her son in the restroom to clean him off and by the time she got out, the man was gone.

Mary shared her story on Facebook in an effort to find the man who helped her son.  With more than a thousand views, she's hoping someone will recognize him so she can say thank you.

“He didn't find my wallet.  He saved my son's life he deserved a hug and a thank you,” Mary says.

The Subway owner and manager say they've seen this customer in here before, but that he's not a regular.

They're hoping he comes back so they can help him get in touch with this mother.


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